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S2L Cadence Song

We have all seen footage of military personnel running as a group calling cadence and if you haven’t look it up.

Well, here is our first S2L Cadence song.

Read it, learn it, use it.

S2L is the Life for me,

No other way I’d rather be.

This is how we start our day,

Excited and thrilled for another day.

Early in the morning with the rising sun,

Heading out for our morning run.

Excuses and bullshit do not fly,

For dreams and goals are the reason why.

No mortal for can stop me know,

This is now my solemn vow.

I am strong and I am me,

No other person I’d rather be.

Honor and pride will be my guide,

On this life, the greatest ride.

Hey, hey what da ya say,

We love to run everyday.

S  –  2  –  L

S  –  2  –  L

S  –  2  –  L

Get out there and kick some ass, ENJOY!