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Tackling Life’s Chores to Remain Productive

Being stuck in a rut is frustrating, and it’s usually the result of not living a purpose driven life. In these cases, we spin our wheels, telling ourselves everyday that we’ll actually accomplish everything that needs to be done. But, how can we stop repeating the same patterns and make the most of our day?

Source: morgueFile
Source: morgueFile

This first bit of advice may be the most important — get some sleep. By getting your seven to nine hours of sleep every night, you’ll have the energy to get everything on your to-do list complete. Lack of sleep is the biggest obstacle to productivity.

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Working out is another easy way to accomplish two things at once. You’re not only completing a healthy task, but you’re also getting in regular exercise to boost productivity. Oftentimes, your best ideas will come to you during or right after a good workout.

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  • A to-do list is important, but so is a to-don’t list. Make a list of everything that holds you back. Write these tasks down, and stick to it as vehemently as you can. Your to-don’t list will be rapidly crossed off as you abstain from behaviors that hold you back.
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  • Stop trying to do everything at once. Multitasking is hard, and by focusing on one thing at a time, not only will you get more done, but the quality of your work will improve.

The best way to have a more purposeful life is to change your attitude. Own your power, and know that you can make and achieve all of your goals. Just be realistic, don’t over schedule yourself, and stay as healthy as you possibly can, both mentally and physically. Make sure you remain grateful for everything you already have. Once you start to follow these steps, you’ll start accomplishing more than you ever thought you were capable of.

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