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OCR 101: Training Your Brain to Overcome Exhaustion

mud run Pain. It’s been referred to as weakness leaving the body. It can be the byproduct of a serious medical condition and it can be the byproduct of exhaustion. For athletes, it can be a roadblock that keeps you from achieving your goals—unless you possess the mental fortitude to overcome it.

Training your brain to push past the pain can be difference between walking and running, quitting and finishing, failure and success. And the techniques for overcoming exhaustion are the same whether you’re a runner, weightlifter, an elite athlete or a weekend warrior.

Here’s how you do it:

Set and know your goals

Setting clear and tangible goals for yourself can keep you focused on the end goal. Having a plan—whether running a seven-minute mile or benching 250 pounds—makes it easier for you to push through the pain.


Getting the best out of your body takes focus. Every time you hit the track or step on the court, you should be thinking about your goals and what you need to do to accomplish them. Nothing should get in your way.

Visualize success

Before, during and after each workout, visualize yourself reaching your goals. Studies have shown that visualization is an effective method of training your brain for success. If you have seen yourself (subconsciously) succeeding, your brain (and body) will believe that your goals are attainable.

Distract yourself

Workouts can become monotonous. They’re repetitive and sometimes boring. When you get bored, it’s easy to focus on the pain and exhaustion (and quit) rather than pushing through to the end. Distract yourself with music. Choose something up-tempo and engaging. It stimulates your brain and allows you to focus on something other than the pain.

Enjoy it

As long as it’s not debilitating, pain during a workout is actually a good thing—so embrace it. Accept it as your body’s way of breaking itself down so it can rebuild and get stronger.

Sometimes a workout can feel like a painful sentence, but follow these steps and you’ll be training your brain and body to overcome pain on an obstacle course and beyond. You will be increasing your physical and mental limits —and you will succeed in whatever it is you’re striving for.

You are Sentenced 2 Life – Accept it – Embrace it – Live it!

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