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Connecting with Your Inner Child to Live for a Purposeful Life

Do you remember the exhilaration you felt the first time your dad let go of the seat and you pedaled a bike on your own? Or when you caught your first fish, crossed home plate and stayed up all night with your best friend?

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These are the epic events children enjoy doing most with an unbridled love of life. Their joy and authenticity are the products of a purpose driven life, even if the purpose is to simply enjoy the day. Somewhere along the way, the definition of living a purpose driven life changes, and life stops being as much fun. However, it can be, if you re-connect with your inner child. Here’s how:


No one makes it through life without being mistreated. It’s a fact, and it happens to people on a daily basis, kids included. The difference with kids is that they’re quick to forgive and forget. They don’t have time to hold grudges because they have too many new things to try. Be more like a kid — forgive early and often, and then find something fun to do.

Do something new

When is the last time you tried to master something new? Really new, like skydiving, striking up a conversation with a complete stranger or taking the day off of work and volunteering with people you’ve never met before? Saying yes to new opportunities is a great way to feel like a kid again.

Have fun

Getting ready for the day is like clockwork. The commute is frustrating, and work is serious business. Then there’s dinner, working out and bills. None of it’s fun, but what if it were? Kids turn almost anything into a fun endeavor, so why can’t you? Dance while you get dressed, sing out loud on your way to the office, smile at your co-workers and just have fun.

Don’t stop here! Find other ways to live life to the fullest, a life and story you’re not afraid to share with a total stranger, and tell Sentenced2Life about it. When you do, you’ll also get a free T-shirt.

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