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Face the Challenge: Overcoming Life Obstacles

Everyone faces obstacles in their life, and how you respond to these obstacles has a big affect on your journey. When obstacles threaten your motivation to succeed, you might become discouraged and disheartened. Or, you can view them as challenges and opportunities for growth.


Whether these obstacles are external circumstances beyond your control or problems arising out of your own habits and preconceptions, you can practice these four points to overcome various life challenges:

  • Be mindful, honest and self-aware. It’s easy to cast blame outward, by saying all of your problems are a result of the economy or other people’s lack of consideration. It’s also easy to practice self-blame, calling yourself lazy or no good. Instead, look honestly at your problems and see where your own actions influence your situation, and also where you can make some positive change.
  • Understand that change takes time. When you don’t see immediate benefits, your motivation to succeed can waver. Instead of falling into this trap, plan out your actions and promise yourself the time you need in order to work diligently on your life plan. Don’t cram all your work into a few days.
  • Discipline your focus, and focus your work. Busy work can fill up your day in the blink of an eye, so instead of giving in to distraction, practice focusing deeply on the important tasks at hand. Try finishing them before giving in to other activities, which will eat up your time.
  • Expand your perception with creativity. If one plan doesn’t work, think of another way around your obstacle. Approach your problems creatively, and look for solutions which may lie off the beaten path. Don’t discard ideas for being too silly – put them to the test! If they work, you’ll be in a better position. If they don’t, you’ll have learned about your own processes.

Nurturing your motivation to succeed can see you through many of life’s obstacles. Approach problems with S2L’s mindset of focus, discipline and creativity, so you can start excelling today.

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