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Top 5 Fitness Bloggers Making a Difference in Health

Excuses are everywhere. They fall from the sky in the form of rain drops and they’re justified by your clock or calendar. Finding reasons why you can’t achieve your goals is easy.


But, so is finding inspiration. Today, inspiration is only a click away. People who’ve overcome perceived barriers to achieve their goals are sharing their stories — which include their set-backs and accomplishments — and they’re doing it so you can find the inspiration to commit to a healthy life.

Here are five of the top fitness bloggers you can find inspiration from every day:

Dorothy Beal. Her blog is called Mile Posts, but it’s about a lot more than just running. Beal writes about overcoming battles with her weight and health to become a successful marathoner, wife and mother of three.

Carla Birnberg. You might visit Miz Fit Online for Birnger’s training tips, but you’ll keep coming back for her posts about aging, being an introvert and what it means to commit to a healthy lifestyle, even when it isn’t always easy.

Adam Bornstein. Bornstein is a former editor and writer for Men’s Health, so he definitely knows a thing or two about health. On Born Fitness, he writes about how hard-core exercise principles apply to you, how hard your workout should be, dieting mistakes and overcoming obstacles.

Brian Call. If you’re a yogi, Daily Cup of Yoga should be on your daily reading list. You’ll find Call’s interesting takes on everything from meditation to inspiration. You’ll also find an array of resources ranging from the best yoga books to gear.

Jason Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald knows what it takes to succeed — he’s finished a marathon in 2:39. But he also knows what it’s like to hit the wall, plateau and contemplate quitting. His blog, Strength Running, is all about pushing through the pain and persevering.

If you’ve hit the proverbial wall, get off the couch, log on your computer and find some inspiration. Then, when you reach your healthy lifestyle goals, tell the world about it. Share your inspirational story with S2L and become an inspiration to others.

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