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S2L Organization Spotlight: Operation Enduring Warriors

Veterans are some of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals you’ll ever meet. They deserve only the best because of the sacrifices they’ve made for our country. However, veterans face many different physical, mental and emotional struggles when they return after war.


On top of that, they often have limited employment opportunities when returning to civilian life. However, Operation Enduring Warriors‘ worthwhile goal is to combat these problems — to honor, empower and motivate wounded servicemen and women and help them overcome adversity.

After all they’ve given to ensure the freedom of every American, veterans deserve better. That’s why veteran-founded Operation Enduring Warriors was launched in 2013. This nonprofit organization creates awareness and raises funds to help wounded warriors guide their lives in directions they never thought possible.

Operation Enduring Warriors provides several different programs and opportunities for veterans to work as a team. Innovation, teamwork and perseverance allows struggling veterans to complete physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation.

Operation Enduring Warriors is a 100 percent volunteer organization comprised of current and former members of the military. Team members undergo a rigorous selection process comprised of fundraising and a 48-hour physical and mental endurance test. During the endurance component, candidates don “the mask” and complete challenges under close supervision. Once they pass, they can join the ranks of Operation Enduring Warriors.


Because Operation Enduring Warriors is a nonprofit organization, you can deduct any donations you make as charitable contributions. You can also sign up as an Operation Enduring Warriors Community Ambassador. People who join can help the organization meet its goals by hosting fundraisers and completing various athletic events wearing the Operation Enduring Warriors shirt. Community Ambassadors often run alongside the team at events and act as an invaluable asset to Operation Enduring Warriors’ mission.

To learn more about how Operation Enduring Warriors is working for the benefit of wounded veterans everywhere, please contact them today.

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