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You’ve Got to Remember to Celebrate the Little Things

Do you take the time to celebrate your small victories? Pausing in our life to acknowledge these successes may not seem terribly important, but it is. Our emotional and even physical well-being can improve when we stop to appreciate our efforts.


Sometimes it is easy to get lost in “doing” and “achieving,” and once we reach a goal, we scurry towards creating a new goal, forgetting to stop and note our victories. These small victories can be anything from staying fit and healthy during times of temptation, to learning a new skill, and they do matter.

Celebrating your small accomplishments can do amazing things to improve your positive attitude and self-esteem. Imagine a group of people striving toward a goal and once they achieve it, instead of being praised by the group leader for the accomplishment, he or she simply hands them new instructions for the next goal, ignoring the hard work they have done. If this lack of positive feedback continues, motivation will fall. The same can happen if you ignore your small victories.

Some mistake the good feelings that arise with victories with the bad side of pride instead of a positive attitude. Alternatively, perfectionists sometimes wrongly deem little accomplishments unworthy of attention. No matter the reasons behind ignoring victories, the result is increased stress and decreased enjoyment in life.

Set time aside to savor victories. How you celebrate these is not what is important, but that you take the time to be aware of the accomplishment.  This is savoring life, rather than rushing through it, and honoring that you have overcome obstacles.

Celebrating your small victories will also help you take stock of what is working and what is not. By pausing and recognizing how you achieved a goal, it will be easier for you to replicate the attitude or actions that helped get you there.

Know that by celebrating the little things, you naturally increase your chances for upcoming successes. Embrace each victory and live life with passion like our Sentenced 2 Life ambassadors  and before long, you will be celebrating a happier and stronger you.

Image Source: Viktor Hanacek

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