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How to Recover from the Grand Meals of the Holidays

During the holiday season there are tempting foods everywhere, and it’s all to easy to succumb to overindulgence. As the year winds down, the cumulative effects of devouring rich foods, sugar-laden desserts and high-calorie beverages can start to weigh you down. If you want to start the new year fresh and focused, now’s the time to develop a recovery plan.


After you’ve developed a workout that’s put you in position to be proud of your health and lifestyle, be sure to keep the following suggestions in mind to inspire and empower you to conquer post-holiday lethargy and bloat, and help you get fit and healthy:

  • Set attainable goals. Break up your weight loss into manageable bites. Aim for no more than two pounds a week, and don’t get too caught up with watching the scale. If you build a periodic splurge into your weight-loss strategy, you won’t feel deprived as you strive toward your ultimate goal.
  • Eat less more often. If you want to change your eating habits and keep off excess pounds long-term, eat light several times a day. Frequent small meals can keep your blood glucose, energy level and overall mood on an even keel, so you’re less likely to give in to cravings and binges.
  • Maintain your motivation. Connect with a friend who’s fighting the same battle and share some positive reinforcement. Write yourself motivational notes and post them on the mirror and the pantry and fridge doors. Keep your mindset positive, and an occasional misstep won’t completely derail your plan.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is necessary to maintain critical fluid balance in every cell in your body. Replacing sugary drinks like soda with plain or flavored water is one easy way to cut your calorie consumption. Drinking H2O before and during a meal lets you’ll eat less but still feel full, and it aids digestion.
  • Get physical. Exercise not only amps up a sluggish metabolism, according to the Mayo Clinic, it relieves stress and increases your brain’s production of feel-good endorphins. Start off slowly, and give your body time to adjust to any new activity.

Once you’ve formulated your personal strategy to recover from all those holiday meals, let Sentenced 2 Life workout gear help inspire and empower your fitness goals.

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