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Defining Your Story: Overcoming obstacles in life

What if you wore your scars proudly–on your chest, back and shoulders–for all the world to see? What if life’s obstacles were not the bane of your existence but rather the reason you are able to go on? What if every one of life’s stumbles, scuffs and face plants became tools you lean on to overcome an obstacle rather than hiding from others?

It may sound trite, glib and blithe, but it is absolutely true: A positive attitude can mean the difference between life’s obstacles standing in your way or making you stronger.

You’ve heard the quotes before. “If it doesn’t kill you, it is making you stronger.” “Pain is nothing more than your weakness leaving your body.” “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.”

What do all of these quotes have in common? They all insist on on a positive attitude to make them true.

It doesn’t matter what obstacles you’re dealing with–big or small, love or living arrangement, financial or fitness–approaching them with a positive mindset can make even the insurmountable manageable.

Easier said than done, right? Try these four steps and see for yourself:

  • Be self-aware. Know that everyone faces challenges. Be bold enough to be one of those who has learned from mistakes–you can recognize others like you by their S2L apparel.
  • Take your time. Never, ever act in the heat of the moment. Let the smoke clear and then implement your plan. Rarely do rash decisions result in positive outcomes.
  • Be disciplined. Set a goal, create a strategy to achieve it and then stay the course. Do not let others distract you–and that means don’t play the blame game.
  • Have confidence. Ask others for advice, but make your own decisions. Confidence in yourself will allow you to overcome any challenge.

Identify the obstacle. Own it. Then join the ranks of those who proudly wear life’s scars by outfitting yourself in S2L gearMTB Life T Front

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