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Build your foundation to a healthy life with these habits

It takes more than willingness and want to live a healthy life. It takes willingness, want, a consistently positive attitude and a plan. An ample dose of stick-to-itiveness doesn’t hurt, either. Because once your efforts to eat right, work out hard and live happy become habits, you’re well on your way to living a truly healthy life.


Here’s a look at how you can begin to build our foundation of a healthy life:

Stock up on celery (and a lot of other vegetables). It’s hard to eat healthy if you don’t have healthy food readily available. Make sure your refrigerator is always well-stocked with vegetables–and then make sure to eat them instead of junk food.

Sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical to every aspect of your life. It helps your muscles recover from workouts. It burns calories. And it actually improves your critical-thinking skills and ability to keep a positive attitude. So go ahead, get eight hours of sleep a night.

Drink a lot of water. It’s free. It helps digestion. And best of all, it removes all sorts of nasty toxins from your body.

Keep your cool. Stress has been tied to everything from cancer to heart disease to an inability to think clearly. Don’t sweat the small stuff (unless your working out on an inclined treadmill), make time to relax and find a way to clear your mind every day.

Work out. Your body and mind reap so much good from working out that it’s amazing anyone every skips the gym to watch television or go to happy hour. Working out helps keep you fit, which makes you feel better about yourself, which means you’re definitely going to be walking around with a positive attitude. As if you needed another reason to hit the gym or go for a run: Working out is also good for your sex life.

Some people talk about living a healthy life. Some people plan to do it–someday. Then there are those who do it. Those are the people who are truly Sentenced2Life.

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