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One man’s decision to give up alcohol changed his life

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, living a purpose filled life means giving up something you think you need, love and can’t live without. Patrick Comerford gave up alcohol.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Patrick didn’t always rely on alcohol. As a young child he was sensitive, comfortable in his own skin and in touch with his emotions. Then adolescence rolled around and being the quite, contented kid with a gentle soul threatened to make him an outcast. While other kids were running and wrestling, Patrick was wrestling with his identity.

He wanted to fit in, so football and Cub Scouts soon replaced Disney records and Tori Amos. Patrick was miserable, but he awkwardly hid his true feelings in the time-tested tradition of trying to fit in.

It was hard. He was miserable. And he wasn’t even close to living an authentic, purpose filled life–until he discovered alcohol.

Patrick was 17 when he had his first drink. After a drink or few, the introvert was transformed into the life of the party. Every time he drank, everyone wanted him around and pretty soon he was drinking every night.

He was on the verge of losing everything.

Exercise regimes were started, but never finished. Books were purchased, but never read. Feelings were there, but never allowed to rise above the subjugation of the booze.

Patrick was miserable and knew he had to make a change if he was going to truly live a purpose filled life.

He went online and read blog after blog, article after article about how people had stopped drinking. He told himself, just before passing out each night, that it would be the last time. And then he connected with a therapist who helped him reconnect with himself.

Over the course of two months, Patrick slowly cut back on his drinking while documenting all he had lost at the hand of the bottle. Then one day he woke up, read his notes and vowed not to drink. It’s been four months since Patrick gave up something he thought he couldn’t live without. According to Patrick:

“These days the best moments are when I stop and realize how different my life looks without alcohol. I now make choices that will help take me closer to who I really am, helping me let go of how I’m “supposed” to feel and who I’m “supposed” to be. Yoga, meditation, eating better, and quitting alcohol are all just steps on a long journey back to my true self.”

Instead of living life like a sentence, he’s acknowledged that he’s Sentenced2Life–and he’s never been happier.

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