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Just how important is sleep to your general state of healthiness?

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Ah, sleep, glorious sleep. So relaxing. So enjoyable. And so incredibly important to your overall health.

Source: Freedigitalphotos
Source: Freedigitalphotos

Believe it or not, sleep is every bit as critical to your ability to lead a purpose filled life as a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. In fact, sleep is every bit as important to your overall health, fitness, mental capabilities and sex life as eating good and staying in shape.

Consider the following when you’re wondering if you’re getting enough sleep:

  • Sleeping improves your ability to learn new things–mental and physical. Whether you’re trying to learn Spanish or swimming, getting a good night’s sleep will make it easier.
  • Sleep improves your athletic performance. Champions work hard when it’s time to work hard and sleep hard when it’s time to rest. A Stanford University study says so.
  • Focusing on sleep helps you focus on life. Coffee, energy drinks and soda can’t keep your mind from getting tired and wandering during afternoon meetings, but getting a good night’s sleep sure can.
  • Sleep helps you relax. It has been shown that the level of stress you feel is directly related to the amount of sleep you got the night before. Sleep more and you’ll feel less stressed. It has also been shown that a lack of sleep can actually contribute to the development of depression.
  • People who get more sleep each night live longer. This means you’ll have more time to pursue your purpose filled life.

Always make time to count those sheep! Getting an ample amount of rest is crucial to living the S2L way.

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