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6 Ways to Feel Happier Thanks to Science

When is the last time you felt the pure, unadulterated feeling of happiness?

If you can’t remember because you’ve been too busy to feel unbridled happiness, there’s something you need to know: Sometimes you don’t need a lot of time to feel happy.

Sure, it’s easy to delight in careening down a mountain at 50 miles per hour or feeling the rush of endorphins at mile eight. But these things take time, which seems to be a precious commodity these days.

Source: Freedigitalphotos
Source: Freedigitalphotos

Happiness is critical to living a purpose filled life. Fortunately, science shows that you don’t need a lot of time–or a lift ticket–to feel happier. Here are six simple ways science says you can increase your happiness:

Sleep. It could be an extra hour a night, a catnap or a power nap. No matter what method you choose, science shows that more sleep increases your optimism, memory, energy and overall happiness.

Rock out with a purpose. People who listen to music with a purpose–with the intention of feeling happier–actually achieve their goals. So the next time you crank up the tunes, focus your thoughts on being positive–and you will actually be more positive.

Get outside (even if it’s just in your mind). A quick walk through the park, 15 minutes in the sun over your lunch hour and even looking at pictures of nature have all been shown to increase happiness, positivity and emotional health.

Get down, make love. Science has shown that having sex improves your mood, axes anxiety and slashes stress. So go ahead and make a little love.

Help others. If you are trying to live a purpose filled life, you’re probably already trying to help others. But did you know that any kindness you show to others–from simple the simple act of opening a door to making a large donation–also help you feel more positive?

Eat right. Research shows that people who eat more fruits and vegetables are happier. So load up on the good stuff, and you’ll feel a lot better.

You know you’re Sentenced2Life, so do everything you can to enjoy it!

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