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Figuring Out the Best Healthy Living Routine for Your Lifestyle

Are you a sprinter or a marathoner, a power-lifter or a cross-fitter?

Deciding what workout is best for you is an important first step toward achieving your fitness goals. Make the wrong choice and you could wind up burnt out with tendinitis and a bad case of the blahs. Choose correctly, and you could be on your way to a winning fitness routine.

Here’s how to choose correctly:

Source: Freedigitalphotos
Source: Freedigitalphotos

Make sure you enjoy it.

If you don’t enjoy your working routine, you won’t stick to it. If you dread it, avoid it and can’t stand it while you’re doing it, stop it. Achieving your goals doesn’t have to make your miserable. In fact, it shouldn’t. If you don’t enjoy your exercise routine, find another one immediately. Otherwise you might burn out, leave the gym and never go back.

Make it sustainable.

Achieving goals takes time and commitment. Sure, you might be able to afford that crossfit class for a month or two, but what happens when the money runs out? And that hour-and-a-half, early morning workout? Will you really be able to sustain it for the entire 12 weeks? If not, find something that you will be able to sustain. Otherwise, you risk burnout and frustration.

Make friends.

You’re dedicated. You have a plan. You’ve been working it hard every day. But sometimes, you don’t feel like working out. You’re tired and emotionally down. These are the times you need a friend to help you. Find friends who have the same goals–and the same commitment to achieving goals–as you do. They can pick you up when you stumble (mentally and physically) and help you stay focused.

Make sure it works.

Once you’ve found something sustainable that you enjoy and have made a few workout friends, make sure your workout works. Because if it doesn’t, you’re not doing everything you can to maximize your efforts–and it will take you that much longer to achieve your goals.

Sometimes achieving goals is more about the journey than the accomplishment. Find a workout you love–and then work it to the fullest. That’s the Sentenced2Life way.

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