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How Exercise Can Change Your Life

It’s common knowledge that exercise can reshape the human body, but it can also inspire and empower amazing life changes.

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Jonathan is living proof of the transformational power of exercise. In an interview with Jonathan from Greatist, he details growing up in Queens in the 1990s, when he turned to drugs to deal with feelings of anxiety and anger. A self-confessed addict by age 16, his life was off balance and out of control; and in his words, he’s lucky to have survived those dark teenage years.

Going away to college gave Jonathan the opportunity to escape the faces and places that could have kept him on a sure path to self destruction. But, what gave him the motivation to start exercising?

His old high school crush loved a guy who was jacked, and Jonathan felt too powerless and puny to compete. He wanted to look better for her. He started going to the gym with a new college friend. He learned how to lift weights, how to track his progress and how to safely push his limits.

After years of self-medicating to deal with his feelings, he now had a healthy addiction — exercise. Instead of experimenting with drugs, he experimented with different exercises programs. The routine of working out gave his life structure, and his goals gave him a new found sense of purpose. He felt energized and empowered, and every incremental success fueled his desire to become better and stronger.

He worked out non-stop throughout his freshman year, and by the time summer arrived, Jonathan felt like a new person. He was bigger, stronger, more confident and in control, and happier too. Exercise gave him the opportunity to discover and fulfill his physical and mental potential, and the ability to tackle whatever circumstances or challenges life threw his way.

Today, Jonathan works as a personal trainer in New York, motivating clients to reach their own fitness goals. He’s drug-free, healthy and still incredibly passionate. He’s made sharing the power of exercise his life’s work.

Jonathan exemplifies what we believe in at Sentenced2Life. We’re here to inspire and empower you to change your life for the better and then let your passion motivate others.

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