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Stop Fighting with Your Significant Other!

Endless barbs and bickering. Constant complaining. All-out verbal warfare. If this describes the relationship between your significant other and yourself, it’s time for both of you to stop the arguing, develop positive attitudes and get back to enjoying each other’s company as you take the world by storm.

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No relationship is without its challenges, and no relationship is perfect.

Jimmy and Jane Buffett are on their second marriage to one another. Bill and Hillary are on their first, but if you believe the headlines, it hasn’t been easy. Even Johnny and June, the couple synonymous with everlasting love, were known to get out of line with their arguments from time to time.

But you don’t have to live like these lovebirds. You have the power to move from arguing all the time to amore.

Here’s how:

  • Say it out loud. If you really want to stop arguing with your significant other, you’re going to have to articulate your wishes. Tell him or her. Say it out loud. Chances are very good that your partner wants the same thing.
  • Leave your ego out of it. Believe it or not, your ego is your enemy when it comes to putting an end to all the arguments. Sure, it plays an important role in every persons’ ability to have confident positive attitudes in everyday life, but if you are too proud to admit you are wrong or consider a divergent point of view, you’re probably going take it personally, get mad and start arguing.
  • Make it more important to be happy than to be right. Think about it, is winning or being right (at the expense of the person you love) more important than being happy? Probably not in most cases.
  • Put your partner first. Again, this comes back to your ego, which is all about you. Being happily in love is all about putting your partner, and hence your happiness, first.

There you have it. Follow these four steps and you and your significant other will develop more positive attitudes. You’ll stop arguing. And you’ll be able to live like you’re Sentenced2Life.

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