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Don’t Let Indecision Get in the Way of Your Dreams

If you have difficulty making decisions, indecision may or may not be the problem.

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Actually, it probably is the problem. Achieving goals can be difficult when you can’t make a decision. While you’re vacillating, time’s wasting and opportunities are being scored by those who know how to make up their minds, own their decisions and make the most out of choices.

If you have difficulty making up your mind (or even if you maybe, perhaps, kind of don’t), here are four things you absolutely need to know to stop indecision from keeping you from achieving goals:

Indecision is still a decision. You might think that you’re incapable of committing, but not making a decision is actually deciding to do nothing. So see? You are capable of making decisions–you just need to decide to make constructive decisions.

Your probably thinking too much. A lot of smart, energetic, creative people suffer from what’s known as “idea overwhelm.” It’s when there are so many ideas swimming around in your head (most of them probably good ones) that you can’t focus on which one is the right one at the right time. The problem with idea overwhelm is that you’re so busy worrying about all of your ideas that you never actually do anything about any of your ideas.

Few decisions are ever “right.” Sure, there are times when you need to make the right decision (when you’re in an abusive relationship and need to get out or when you decide to take a cab instead of drinking and driving), but most other decisions deal with life’s gray areas. Knowing this means that if your decision doesn’t work out, you can always change course and try the next best option.

You’ll never know if you never decide. Every great accomplishment is the product of great decisions. Imagine if Hemingway never decided to sit down and write. Or if John Lennon never decided to pen “Imagine.” Decide to do something and then make it amazing. Then get busy achieving goals, dominating your life, owning your decisions and living life to the fullest. That’s living Sentenced2Life.

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