The following are real word examples of people living their lives despite some falsely perceived limiting condition. Let me just warn you once you watch these videos and read these stories you will have no excuses left. So if you want to continue living your live with excuses of why you can’t do something do not continue on.


Dick and Rick Hoyt – Many of you may know of this father and son team but they are truly remarkable people.

Jon Blais – Blazeman –  As the Blazeman said “Understand that this is not a dress rehearsal this is it,  your life. Face your fears and live your dreams take it all in”



  • If you think you are too old to start you are WRONG. Ernestine started at 56. Watch this


  • Two 90 year old guys in a 100 meter race.


70 Year Old Triathelete

91 Year Old man breaks weight lifting record



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