S2L – Way of Life Contract

The purpose of this contract is to reinforce your commitment to living your life to it’s utmost, with passion and with purpose, and to be an example to others, showing just what is possible in this life.

Society infuses many things into our life that are just not important. Getting caught up in this daily barrage of useless information and needless stress can fog our focus and cause one to loss sight of what is important and what we truly want out of this life. It can even make us question our dreams. Here at S2L we believe it is critically important to remind people that life is short, very short, and that you should be working towards your life’s goals and dreams each and every day and not just be making it through each day.  You should be embracing everything that this life has to offer while you can. Look into your heart and soul, believe in yourself and go after what it is you truly want. You are Sentenced 2 life and time is ticking, days are going by. Be strong and committed to living your life the way you want it and don’t let those negative dead souls influence your life and do not let any opportunity pass you by, you never know where it may lead you.

By signing this contract you understand and accept the following and will make a conscious effort and commitment to follow the S2L way of life.

  • Accept it – I understand and accept that I am one of the lucky ones; I am here and I accept all the circumstances of my life. I understand and accept that there will be difficult times, and I may need help during those times, but I will persevere and in doing so will become a stronger and better person. I do not believe in entitlements and will not make up excuses. I accept and take responsibility for all of my decisions and for my life.
  • Embrace it – I will embrace ALL that this life has to offer with an open heart and open mind. I am open to new experiences and will take on every challenge that presents itself. I will not avoid a challenge because of fear or because I may fail. I will accept failure if it comes, learn from it and move on. I will judge less and try to understand more.
  • Live it – I commit to living my life with passion and purpose. I recognize that there are many mundane things that must be done but I will not allow them to define my life or to hinder me from accomplishing the things that I believe are truly important. I believe in myself and my dreams. I will not allow other people to deter me from living my life, my way, and I will not let my doubts and fears stop me from fulfilling my dreams. I believe that my life is what I make it and I am going to make the best life I possibly can.

I will wear my S2L gear with pride knowing that every time I put it on I am reaffirming this contract and my commitment to truly living my life.

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