What’s Your Sentence?

We all are SENTENCED 2 LIFE and we all have a story. Be proud your life, your story, and be proud of all the things in life you have experienced, enjoyed and or endured as all of these things and how you deal with them mold you into the person you are. If you are not happy with your story, or your life, do something about it, change it. It is YOUR life and you, and only you, have the power to make it what you want. It is not too late to create the life you want but get started now as time is ticking and before you know it it is going to be over.

Tell us your story and we’ll send you a shirt to wear proudly and tell others of your commitment to experience all that this life has to offer. Be sure to put “This is my sentence” in the subject line.

There are times in life were you may be in rut or in need of some serious help. S2L is here for you. Use the form below and put “Seriously” in the subject line and tells us your story we will do everything we can to help and if we can’t help we’ll find someone who can.




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