Why S2L?

   Why wear S2L gear over the thousands upon thousands of other shirts, hats etc..? Here at S2L our main focus is on inspiring others to live their lives to their fullest, sucking every last drop of life we can out of each and every day.  Some days are great and some not so great but we embrace each and every day knowing there is always something to gain and to learn.You may buy a shirt because you are a fan of a team or a product but you will buy and wear S2L products because you are a fan of your life and are proud to show others your commitment to experiencing all this life has to offer, no excuses. S2L members do not make up excuses and we do not listen to what others say cannot be done or how we should live OUR lives. We all have circumstances we must deal with, some are greater than others, but all can be overcome.  Remember, we are all living examples of our dreams and goals!

S2L Saying Creed



Join the S2L revolution and inspire others.

We are looking for inspiring stories. If you have a story, and we all do, send it along, if we post it up we will send you some free gear.




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